The Pirates of Privacy

Privacy is an illusion created between those with the power and those without (Modified quote from the matrix).

The only difference between piracy and privacy is power, the power of bringing down the world on knees. Recently, what’s app announced the revised privacy policy, and people went crazy. It was the declaration that we have been using your data, but now we want you to know. The first time you created an account on the internet, your information was no longer private. It’s like surfing, no matter how great the surfer is, still he will get wet or exposed to mighty sea.

What is privacy?

When you close all your doors and windows, and no one can peep into your room then, it can be considered as privacy. What if someone with a box of doughnuts sitting across the road with x-ray vision binoculars can peep into your room without your knowledge. That’s what the internet is today. Just like Neo, now giant social media companies can see right through us in the internet matrix.

Today, when you logout from your social media accounts, then consider the above hypothesis that someone with advanced binoculars with a box of doughnuts is watching over you. By the way, you can’t logout from google account in your phone that means, the small window is still open.

Privacy is like a transparent glass where you can choose the colour but can’t remove the glass and, this is the price of the internet today.

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Image source: Pixels

4 thoughts on “The Pirates of Privacy

  1. Well explained. There is no privacy in today’s world. Its the price we pay for the convenience of technology and it’s used against us for gains by the too tier. Thanks for spreading the awareness.

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