The Pirates of Privacy

Privacy is an illusion created between those with the power and those without (Modified quote from the matrix). The only difference between piracy and privacy is power, the power of bringing down the world on knees. Recently, what’s app announced the revised privacy policy, and people went crazy. It was the declaration that we have […]

Reality is often disappointing

In Avengers infinity war, Thanos said to Gamora, “Reality is often disappointing”. Indeed the reality is often disappointing, although the context was different in the movie because people tend to avoid reality and no longer feel tempted by it. Reality is nothing but all existent physical form in the whole universe. We often believe in […]

Equality becomes Gender Equality!

Once upon a time humanity and equality co-existed during the initial evolution era of homo sapiens (Humans) and their only purpose was survival, they indeed survived from animals, climate, hunger, scarcity of water and many more while being together in a group. Humanity means having human qualities and equality means supporting and providing equal opportunities […]

Freedom of Internet

We live in a cynical world and obsession of the internet grew faster when India got freedom from the 2G network. I still remember when the internet was a huge big deal in India, way back in the early 2000s. In the early 2000s, social media was brand new to Indians and in a small town where I spent […]


Skepticism runs in our blood Why would I say that? Because skepticism is an attitude of doubt or means lack of sureness. Earlier it was used as uncertainty of knowledge, suspicious about faith in religion, unwilling to believe hypothesis but now it has become the inability to make a decision. According to me, Skepticism is […]