Moving On

“Even a rock moves on” – Anthony Liccione.

If I were a rock then, it would be great, and I would be moving on silently without thinking about the other rocks. The most challenging part while moving on is – emotions and getting rid of stuff. You leave the trail of your marks while you move on and when you look back, you have moved on very quickly than you anticipated. Moving on is very stressful, and the reason is not that you want to but, you have to. Even moving the couch is painful.

Three stages of moving on-

Thinking: We think a lot about moving on, and if scientists thought in that manner, they would have figured out how to invite aliens to house warming party. We start thinking about life before the present life and life without the present. Then, we will go into inception mode wherein we create alternative realities like what would happen if I don’t move on? What would happen if I move on right now? Is it the right time to move on? What would people think? It’s like virtual simulation, and nobody can beat us in this.

Action: When we hear the action, we freeze like ice in Antarctica. We act when there is no hope. In the second phase, everything is different, and you start packing up your stuff and emotions. You begin to observe time inversion, and you feel I am going to save the world by moving on but, you are just hungover. 

Regret: This is the aftermath of moving on. You don’t like going outside and want to watch friends with a tub of ice cream. But, you don’t cry. You miss the past, and you can’t help it. You start deceiving yourself that I may have committed a mistake by moving on. The guilt is unbearable. Finally, a day arrives when you go out to see beautiful sights, and you feel better. You start forgetting the past and living in the present. 

Time heals everything, and people will forget you very soon. So move on and don’t look back unless scarlet Johansson is chasing you. 

Thanks for reading !

Image source: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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