Zoom Meetings

The founder of zoom has complained that zoom meetings are taking a toll on his mental health. That’s it. You are responsible for your shit, and by doing that, he made our lives miserable. The host of zoom meeting has the power to see into your eyes and probably can look into your souls just like the ghost rider. And, the host has too much power or maybe more than Jeff. Sometimes I feel like I am being watched via a telescope with my permission.

Those were the days when I used to dream about Scarlett johansson in the meeting, and nobody could figure it out. Now, if my neighbour’s dog barks, I have to say sorry on Zoom call.

Types of people in zoom meeting- There will be three kinds of people in every zoom meeting. Firstly, people who want to say something but somehow get disconnected. The second kind of people who would never shut up and speak one line more frequently – Am I audible? (Yeah, you are loud, and even my sleeping neighbours can listen to you). Lastly, people who don’t know why are they even attending zoom meeting.

Onboarding –  It’s easy to board astronauts in a spaceship but very difficult to board five people on zoom meeting. Once people join the meeting it will take forever to start, and the reason is – Network issue. Zoom app is the only app where people face internet connectivity issue.

Never ends- The worst part about zoom meeting is that it has no idea about how time works. The option of rejoining for infinite time is ridiculous so, meeting for 40 minutes will last for four hours without an action sequence. Last time I waited that long for Lord of the rings. That was amazing.

Hosting a zoom meeting is like hosting a housewarming party for your ex, and you don’t get to have cheesecake. The only benefit of zoom meeting is that you can wear shorts, and nobody freaks out unless you want them to freak out.

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Image source: Photo by Sharad Kachhi from Pexels

19 thoughts on “Zoom Meetings

  1. Couldn’t relate more! I’ve had similar to worst experiences myself. One time, I had a one on one meeting (on an off day) and the meeting went on for like 3 hours or more and if it wasn’t for my boss’s laptop’s charge that hit 0%, I would have still been in that meeting. Lmao.
    P.S, boss called me up after that and was like ”So, umm…we can continue the meeting via my phone, if you want.”
    I was like: -_-
    Anyways, great article! 😀

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